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Each life is a story.

Each life is a song.

My story began on a small family farm. I often return there to rekindle the joy and innocence of childhood.

My song is a happy tune. Always, I am accompanied by family, friends and fellow travelers on life's journey.

In childhood my kind parents and siblings, three brothers and three sisters, were my constant, loving companions.

I still find my greatest joy in their association.

My wife, Carol, is my kind, loving, constant companion.

Each person I meet becomes a part of my life's story and song.


All we experience in life shapes our character and directs the course of our journey.

I have worked as a biologist and naturalist.

I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which has limited and directed my life's course.


Writing and illustrating song poems and stories is now my primary pursuit in life.

God has granted me, so far, the gifts to do so.


I love to learn.

I love to teach.

I love life.

I love all whom I've met along my way.


May your life be a happy journey.






                   Laird Fetzer Hamblin