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   Two children on an errand ran,              to pick wild berries was their plan.


  They climbed upon some ancient rocks,     observed the flights of fledgling hawks,


     Studied spiders moths and snakes,            skipped small stones upon still lakes,


     heard birds chatter, sing and call,                   stood beside a water fall,


      marveled at a cottonwood so big,                  startled at a snapping twig,


     passed a deer fawn, fast asleep                    laughed at playful mountain sheep


     noticed a squirrel, high in a tree,                  listened to a buzzing bumble bee,


  smelled wild flowers, bright and showy,      saw old mountains, white and snowy,


        felt a gentle breeze go by,                          watched clouds changing in the sky.


As they journeyed the whole day through,

each child forgot what they'd planned to do.


      But, tasks not done along the way,                     For in the life of every child,

       are tasks to do another day.                            there is a need for things still wild.