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Two little woodpeckers, high in a tree.

You chatter to parents, "Please, come feed me".

Two little woodpeckers, hidden from view.

Mommy and Daddy, will bring bugs to you.

Soon, you'll be climbing, to look from your nest.

Then, you will fly, and peck, like the rest.




Little deer fawn, fast asleep, hidden out of view.

When you have awakened, I would like to play with you.

We can bound in circles, we can leap, and run.

As we play together, we’ll have so much fun.




Precious squirrel, in the tree.

I hear you chatter, down at me.

I mean no harm. You need not fear.

I see the seeds, you gather here.

You’ve gathered seeds, from spring till fall.

I won’t disturb, your work, at all.

You’ve shown me, how to work, and play.

I’m glad I met you, here, today.




Hello mouse.

How do you do?

Is this your house?

Why; this is my house too!