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Whistle Like a Train


I whistle like a train,

as I’m walking down a track.

My engines let off lots of steam,

as I turn and walk back.


I hold a steering wheel, walking slowly like a


I honk upon the little horn,

and drive to where you are.


I spread my arms like airplane wings.

I’m flying thru the air.

I tip my wings and turn around.

My plane can take me anywhere.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






My Body Can Feel A Storm


The weather is a wonderful thing,

winter, summer, fall or spring.


With my body I can feel a storm,

my hat and coat will keep me warm.


First the sun shines everywhere,

I feel it shinning on my hair.


Then some storm clouds I can see.

Soon their shadows cover me.


Across my cheeks I feel a breeze.

The wind is blowing past my knees.


Pretty lightning flashes bright. 

With my eyes I see it’s light.


Then the thunder I can hear.

It sounds loudly in each ear.


Rain drops fall upon my nose,

It’s also raining on my toes.


On my shoulders I see sleet.

It’s also sleeting on my feet.


In my hands catch some snow.

Snow flakes fall on each elbow.


Suddenly it starts to hail.

Some are the size of each finger nail.


I watch the storm clouds come and go.

Beyond them I see a brite rainbow.


The sun now shines on all I see.

It ‘s light feels warm all over me.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






I Dance Spin and Clap


I dance, dance ,dance,

To set my spirit free.

I dance, dance, dance,

Will you dance with me?


I spin around and round

That’s what I like to do.

I spin around and round

Would you spin with me too.


I like to clap my hands,

to show that I am glad.

Would you like to clap your hands

To show the fun we’ve had.


Now I’ll stop and breathe, some oxygen from

the air.

You and breathe some too, there’s lots of it

to share.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin