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Little Child Of Ours


Little child of ours,

can you see the moon and stars.

As they share their light,

on a long, and lonely night.

Tho, you’re on your own,

you are not alone.

In your heart we’re there.

All your hopes and dreams we share.


We remember, when you were young.

Your life story, was yet unsung.

As you sang, your gentle song,

we were there, to sing along,

Tho, it came, your time to go,

your melody, we know.

As you sing from far away,

We hear your, melody, today.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin


2008 First verse

2012 Second verse

(12-12 last addition)





Precious Child


You can close your eyes and rest, beloved friend.

As this day has come now, to an end.

May all your dreams be pleasant, little one.

As you think if all, the happy things you’ve done.

In sleep you’ll travel places, wonderful and wild.

As you do, I’ll keep you safe, my precious little child.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin





Where Are The Children


Quiet toys and sand, in the back yard today.

Where are the children, who used to play?


A slide is waiting, for a girl or boy.

Where are the tears, and the sounds of joy?


Swings are waiting, for someone to swing.

Silence is waiting, for someone to sing.


Still pencils and brushes, no pictures displayed.

A piano, now quietly waits to be played.


A bedroom echoes, stories once told.

No one to comfort, no one to hold.


Off in the distance, a quiet refrain.

Maybe, tomorrow, they’ll be here again.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Life’s Dreams Made


I walk upon the garden wall.

You hold my hand so I don’t fall.

For I am very small.


The sound of a word.

The song of a bird.

My memory holds all things I’ve heard.


In water side by side we wade.

You guide me thru a forest glade.

This is how the dreams of life are made.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin





Inspired to start this songpoem as I watched a mother holding her child’s hand as the child walked upon a library’s garden wall.





Walking With Mother


Mother and child on a walk,

picking up each little rock.

All the rocks each hand can hold,

are worth so much more than gold.


Mother and child hand in hand,

Walking on sea moistened sand.

Filling hearts with dreams that last.

Precious memories, of this, past.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin