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Rest Your Eyes, Little Friend


Rest your eyes, little friend,

This day has come now to an end.

Pleasant thots, little one,

Think of all the happy things you’ve done.

Sleep in peace, little child,

You're happy now, so calm and mild.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin





Little Hands Are Meant For Holding


Little hands are meant for holding,

and building worlds in the sand.

Little feet are meant for walking

down a trail hand in hand.

Little eyes are meant for seeing

each cloud up in the sky.

Little ears are meant for hearing

the song birds flying by.

Little hearts are meant for knowing

the joy of each knew day.

Little mouths are meant for singing

a song along the way.

Little minds are meant for holding

on to each new memory.

Little spirits are meant for guiding

us to where we used to be.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Books Are Meant For Little Hands To Hold


I placed a book upon the shelf, with pages crisp and new.

Since then many little hands, have turned those pages thru.

Now the book looks weather worn,

with pages bent and pages torn.

Books are meant for little hands to hold

So little eyes can read each story told.

If I read books carefully

Then they will last for all to read and see.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Children Need Wild Yards


Each home should have weeds in front,

which blossom in the spring.

Nearby there should be ants and bees,

and wild birds which sing.

Each child should have flowers to hold,

ants and bees to follow,

baby wild birds to see.

May the child in each of us never grow old.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin








Your World


I see you’re on a horse, as you ride across the wooden floor.

Soon, you’ll be riding that horse out thru the door.

Now you’re in a plane, flying high up in the air.

Flying in that plane, you can travel anywhere.

You’re rolling gently down a railway, riding in a train.

That train will take you far away and bring you back again.

Floating in a boat on a lake or out at sea.

Oh, so many places, where you would like to be.

Whirling in rocket ship into outer space.

In your imagination you can travel any place.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin








It’s Okay If I Feel Sad


It’s okay if I feel sad

when something’s gone real bad.

It’s okay if I cry

when I have to say goodbye.

I need to shed tears

when I’m feeling my fears.

Because I’ve felt low,

others feelings I know.

After I’ve cried

all my feelings from inside.

After shedding tears,

feeling sad and facing fears.

A new day can begin

as I find new hope within.

Hope is always waiting there

for me to find and share.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin








Troubled Little Lives


My little eyes have seen things

that are hard for me to see.

My little ears have heard things

that are so hard for me.


In my thots there are questions.

In my heart there is fear.

I need someone to comfort me,

someone to hold me near.


Somewhere there is happiness,

somewhere there is joy today.

In a moment all my happiness

and joy are swept away.


The wounds I am suffering

are far inside of me.

The scars from their healing

no one will ever see.


As my life continues on

some memories will fade.

With each new day I live

new memories are made.


In spite of all the shadows

that linger here within.

I know new hope and happiness

can somehow soon begin.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







You Can Rest and Sleep My Little Friend.


You can gently close your eyes, my little friend.

As this wonderful day is coming to an end.

You can let your thots run free now, little one.

As you think of all the pleasant things you’ve done.

As you sleep, so innocent, so meek and mild.

I will pray to God for you, now, little child.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



Revision 10-01-2013





God Will Hold You, Little Child.


As this day of joy has come now to an end, You can close your eyes, and sleep my little friend.

As you ponder on the pleasant things you’ve done,

You can let your thots run free, now, little one.

You’re so gentle, innocent and mild.

I will pray that God will hold you, little child.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin