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Many Things To Do And Learn Each Day


Children step in puddles,

as they walk along the street.

They like to walk thru puddles,

as they splash with both their feet.


Children look at flowers,

as they walk along the road. 

They watch as little honey bees gather

up their load.


They sit and listen to the birds, singing

songs nearby.

Then children watch with wonder,

as the birds fly thru the sky.


Children find some open soil,

and stop therein to play.

Soon they’re building worlds,

from a little pile of clay.


Children sing a happy song,

skipping on their way.

There are always many things,

to do and learn each day.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






The Sprouting Of A Seed 


In the soil I’ll plant a seed and wait for it to sprout.

When it does I’ll see a new plant pushing out.

Plants need sunlight, water, and nutrients to grow.

So they can make their leaves above and make their roots below.

Plants make pollen and a seed…

and store them in a flower.Where winds will blow or creatures come to feed.

The pollen then is blown, or carried from flower to flower.

Where it is joined within a seed to await that precious hour.

That each of us now know...

When Sunlight, water, and nutrients allow another seed to sprout and grow.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Nature Needs A Child


Every Stream needs a child to wade in it and


Every tree needs a child to climb in every


A world with many children is a world full of


There is something that is special with every

girl and boy.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Little Children Out On Walks


Little children out on walks,

like to pick up little rocks.

 All the rocks their hands can hold,

are worth so much more than gold.


Then they ask where rocks come from,

which they find strewn upon the ground.

Has a child held them before, who left them

here where they were found?


Are these old bones,

that have turned into stones?

Is this the tooth of a whale?

Are these a dinosaur tail?


Were they brought here in a stream,

from a mountain far away,

left upon an ancient shore,

where we found them here today?


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






Little Worlds


I found a little world, carefully made of sand.

found a little world made by a child’s hand.

Every child needs a place to play.

And time to dream and hope each day.

It’s thru dreaming and hoping and make believe in play.

That every child’s future and the future of this world are formed each day.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Water In The Sand


We’ll mix the water with the sand.

Watch it fall from hand to hand.


We’ll place it here upon the ground.

Form it gently all around.


Making little trees and lakes.

Flying birds and gliding snakes.


We dream of what we hope may be.

Distant places we may see.


As we dream and as we play.

We each define who we will be someday.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Nature for Children


A child may sit by a stream and dream,

or play in a meadow all day.


No matter of whether they're richest or


a child sees much in a forest.


A desert is hot but there's one thing it's not,

a desert’s not filled with noise,

it's quiet instead. That's great for girls and



A child may want to spend time at the


There's something so peaceful with waves in

their motion.


A child may want to just lay down and sigh,

pondering, watching the wonderful sky.


Inside we each can still see,

the child we used to be.


The wonder, hope, joy and tears

can still remain active thru all our years.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin