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Jesus Lived Here Too


Jesus once was a baby too,

Then a child like me, and you.


He must have sometimes felt alone,

When playing on his own.


So when he sees others alone as well,

Their feelings He can tell.


He must’ve sometimes been sick or felt sad,

So He’d understand when others had.


He must’ve cried when He got a thorn,

scraped or bruised His knee,


So when we’re injured and crying tears,

our hurt or fear He’ll know and see.


When something happens to me, or to you

He knows just what to do.


For Jesus lived here too.




Jesus must’ve seen flowers bloom each spring,

And heard the songbirds sing.


He must’ve seen clouds float thru the sky,

And felt a breeze go by.


He must’ve watched baby animals play,

and the sun as it rose and set each day.


When nature seems wonderful to me, or you

We know Jesus saw it too.




He must’ve had friends who’s parents weren’t kind.

And friends who needed new parents to find.


He must’ve had friends who’s bodies were ill.

Who learned that they could love life still.


So if we feel loved as each child should.

Or endure what some children go thru.


He knows what’s happened to me and you.

For Jesus had friends here too.





Jesus had parents here on Earth,

Who looked forward too his humble birth.


In their home He cold laugh and learn and play,

As they taught Him to read and sing and pray.


He knows all the things a family goes thru,

and what a happy family can do.


For Jesus had a family here too.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin