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Life's Circle


Little baby, looking at your mom and dad.

You don’t know the troubles and the joys

we’ve had.


Precious baby, this world to you is new.

Today, looking in our eyes is all, that you can do.


We’ll care for you, and hold you night and


Eventually you’ll smile, and respond to what

we say.


Some day, mom and dad will be looking up

at you.

You will know the troubles and the joys

we’ve been thru.


Then carefully you’ll hear all the things we have to say,

 As you care for us, and hold us night

and day.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Every Season

Earth has every season.

So do you and I.

When I arrived, you welcomed me.

As you leave, I say goodbye.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin





May Sleep Set You Free

Goodnight my precious companion, my


May dreams carry you, to a wonderful


Where you forget all the troubles you


May sleep take away, all your thoughts that

are sad.

May dreams answer all of the questions

you’ve had.

May your thoughts take you places, you’ve

wanted to see.

May your spirit, this night, be free.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






You're My Companion, You're My Friend


I look in the mirror, where you used to be.

You always stood there, along with me.


Now there are shadows, and memories past.

Where is the life, that we thought would



All of the hopes, and the dreams that we


All of our happy thoughts, now are sad.


But, time keeps on moving, steadily on.

Someday, the sadness, and tears will be



Even tho I can't see you, I know you're still


This love that we now have, will always be



You can see our children, asleep on my arm.

I promise, I'll love them, and keep them

from harm.


There's no beginning, there's no end.

You're my companion, you're my friend.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Only With Us For A Moment


You came to us in early spring,

with flowers blossoming.


Thru the summer you grew strong,

singing well your happy song.


In fall, an illness came to call,

which took your strength away.


Your time with us would soon be gone.

We treasured more, each precious day.


Some, God sends, like flowers,

only for a moment here,

to love us while they’re near.


Like flowers, they fade, in earthly pain,

God carefully gathers them again.


To place them back, where others yearn,

to see their safe return.


Where once you were, again you live.

There, others feel the love you give.


Thru life’s windows, we still see

your time with us, in memory.


Knowing, soon we’ll travel too.

Then, again, we’ll be with you.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin










Come, be by me, be my friend, be my wife.

Walk by my side as I walk the trails of life.


Life has many mysteries that I don't


We can make it thru it, tho, if we walk hand

in hand.


Life is full of many fears

and life is full of tears.


Life is also full of happiness and love.

Hope is always waiting there, beyond or above.


We'll enjoy the winters cold and all the

summers warm.

If we are together we can weather any



Come be by me, be my friend, be my wife.

Walk by my side as we walk the trails of life.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin








Life alone again


As I restart life on my own,

I know I'm not alone.


In my memories, your here.

In my heart, your always near.


Hand in hand, we sing and dance,

filled with dreams, and new romance.


We're arm in arm along the way.

I ponder now the life we lived each day.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Parenting And Childhood


Parents and children laughing as they run.


Parenting and childhood should include such fun.


That’s what I want for me, and what I want for everyone.



Parents and children singing joyfully.


Parenting and childhood so innocent and free.


That’s what I hope for others, and what I hope for me.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin





Written after seeing a family enjoying  an afternoon together.



You Will Be My Mother Now


You will be my mother now.

You’re the one who’ll show me how,


to live upon this precious Earth,

tho, you did not give me birth.


In God’s wisdom you’re assigned,

in this plan, which He designed,


to teach me how to love and pray,

to protect me here each day.


You’ll teach me how to read and write.

You’ll sing to me each day and night.


You’ll comfort me when I’m afraid.

When I’m ill you’ll be my aid.


I’m glad it’s you, that God did send.

You will always be my friend.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



 The first line came to me this morning so I carefully, prayerfully built upon it.



Two With Hands Now Weathered And Old


Two with hands now weathered and old,

Still reaching out, each other to hold

Two with hair now silver and grey,

Earned together along the way.

Two with hearts now beating as one,

Thinking back thru all you’ve done.

Two with eyes now filling with tears,

Looking back thru all the years.


When you started you didn’t know,

Which way your lives would go.

Since the very start,

You’ve seldom been apart.

When hard times came to you,

together you made it thru.

Mostly life’s been grand,

as you’ve lived it hand in hand.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



My Parents





Mothers Lament


Precious spirit, that resided once in me.

Precious child, that I didn’t get to see.


I never got to hold your hand.

I didn’t get to do all I had planned.


Silent books lay on the shelf.

Quiet songs I’m singing to myself.


Near the window there's a rocking chair.

I had hoped to teach you there.


I’ll never hold you to my chest,

to nourish from this mother’s breast.


I gather all the strength I can.

Is this somehow in God's great plan?

I know your back on the other side.

I hope it’s  pleasant where you reside.


I often feel you standing near,

wanting to wipe each falling tear.


Somehow, I will make it thru.

Someday, I will be with you.


When that time comes, I’ll have my chance,

to hold your hand, to spin and dance.


For now I’ll hold your memory,

somewhere hear inside of me.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin





Written as I lamented and pondered over the death of Jack, the child of my wonderful nephew and his kind wife. Jack was four months in the womb when an auto accident jolted him in his placental home, causing his return to life beyond. 




I Think of Our Love.


I watch all the stars, with their welcoming


I stare at the moon, casting shadows below.


They're not the same, when I watch on my


It's not the same, when I stand here alone.


Tomorrow the sun, will soon rise up and


 Tomorrow the clouds, in new shapes will



Tomorrow the songbirds, will wake up and


 For me, tomorrow, fond memories will



Thots of you walking, here by my side.

 Thots which the shadows of time cannot hide.


Memories of happiness, memories of tears,

 memories that take away, all of my fears.


I look all around me, below and above.

 With all that I see now, I think of our love.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin









On Your Own

You were still a child when you left us here alone.

Your life on Earth is over. Now you’re traveling on your own.

We stand here with our memories, of your brief, precious life.

As brothers or sisters, as husband or wife,

Whenever someone dear to us departs, They leave a precious memory, here within our hearts.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







My Grandparents And I


I arrived as you were leaving,

my grand parents and I.

We smiled at to each other, as we were

passing by.

Your living here on earth was done.

My life had just begun.

Now I’m reading from your journals,

the thots you left behind.

You wrote these words, I read these words,

with hope each other we may find.

I read about your life in little parts.

The love grows between us, in our hearts.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin









Mother hold me close to you,

for I have just arrived.


Carefully you cared for me,

You've made sure I've survived.


Mother hold me close to you.

This life to me is new.


Mother you were once young too.

 Your mother once held you.


All around us there's a storm.

But in your arms I'm warm.


When life has troubled me to fear,

you've always held me near.


Whenever I've been sick, or cold.

You've called me back, for you to hold


Ages come and ages go,

like seasons of this Earth, we know.


Mother, now, you're very old.

Now, it's you, that I, will hold.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







The Child We Thought Was There.


To the child we thought was there.

Who's world we thought we'd share.

To our hopes and happy dreams.

Now torn from us, it seems.

With each other, now we cry.

Alone, together, you and I.


All the things we thought we’d do,

with that child, me, and you.

All the books we'd hoped to read.

To share a flower’s bloom and seed.

To smell the salt blown from the sea.

To see each bird and humming bee.


Somewhere maybe there's a child.

Alone, afraid, maybe gentle, maybe wild.

Praying now to God above.

That we will share with them our love.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







You Sang Me A Song


You sang me a song in the morning.

You sang me a song thru the day.


You sang me a song in the evening,

to take my fears away.


You sang to me when I was sad.

You sang to me when I was glad.


You knew the words to comfort me.

You knew the words to set me free.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin









We each walk with a wooden cane,

to make sure we don’t fall.


We each know that some day soon

we may not walk at all.


Walking and talking, thinking of yesterday.

Thinking of all the things we’ve done along the way.


Some times of sadness, sorrow and tears.

Mostly of happiness found thru the years.


Children, neighbors, strangers and friends.

It’s wonderful, all of the guests God sends. 


This dream has come true, it seems.

Walking, talking of yesterday’s dreams.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin





I started writing this as I watched a loving elderly couple walking slowly, carefully together, each with a cane.



Together on the hiway of life


I was walking on the hiway of life,

traveling to places, I didn't yet know.


When you said you would walk with me,

wherever life may go.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin