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Today You Smiled At Me


Today you smiled at me.

Your kindness set my troubled spirit free.

I do not know your name,

where you are, from whence you came.

You may not know the change you made in me,

the day you smiled and set my spirit free.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



( Written after the kind smile of a woman calmed me, as many smiles from children, women and men have done before.)





A Friend


When thoughts are troubling you.

When plans have all fallen thru.


I'll hold your hand.

I'll listen, I'll understand.


We'll cry needed tears.

We'll resolve our fears.


I'll be with you till the end.

I will be your friend.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin








Hold On, There Is Hope


Holding on, to the shadows of hope.

Holding on, to all I know.


Afraid, of loosing my grasp.

Afraid, of letting go.


My life, had been trouble free,

with nothing to frighten, or worry me.


Oh how quickly a life change,

now hope is gone, and life seems strange.


Is there a way out, of this deep abyss?

To return to hope, and the life I miss?


Is there some way, to rescue me?

To help me out, or set me free?


Although, you cannot see it, now.

There is a way, back out, somehow.


Hold on, to love, and the hope you’ve found.

Someday life, will turn around.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Hope In Sunshine, Hope In Rain


Rain is dripping from the branches of every tree I see.


Safe within my rainwear, rain is dripping off of me.


I whistled this morning, in sunshine,  as I heard birds sing and call.


Now they too, are silent, as we watch the rain drops fall.


I see beauty in sunshine,  beauty in rain,  in hearing the songs that each bird sings.


I feel hope in each morning, with each drop of rain, in finding what each day brings.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Alone In The Crowd


I stand all alone in the crowd today,

hoping that someone will look my way,

with eyes that welcome and a heart to say:

I love you, I need you I want you to stay.


But nobody sees me, no one comes near.

It seems, they’re pretending that I am not



Perhaps, there are others who feel as I do.

Perhaps, there is no one who’s looking at



Surely it's I who must reach out my hand.

Only when I need, can I understand.


The sorrow, the loneliness, trouble or fear.

Each of us always should feel welcome here.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin








All Sisters and Brothers


They taught me to fight,

and they said it was right.


Now all day long, and at night in my bed,

all I can do is to think of the dead.


I could have been home,

planting grape vines and pears.


Instead of planting gardens,

I trampled on theirs.


I could have been home,

with my children at play.


Instead I was taking

their children away.


With every soul taken,

there's such a great cost.


Happiness, wisdom,

and innocence are lost.


The earth has resources

enough everywhere.


There's plenty for each,

and enough left to share.


If we consider each person,

as a sister or a brother,


we will be loving,

and helping each other.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin