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Mother carefully you cared for me,

looking forward to my birth.


When I was born you were the first,

to welcome me to Earth.


Your home was a safe and happy place,

where I could learn and play.


You read to me, you sang to me,

you taught me how to pray.


As I grew, I always knew,

that I could count on you.


You said, “Whatever happens,

we, will make it thru”.


You always encouraged me,

to live my dreams and keep my spirit free.


You showed me to love others,

always the good in them to see.


You were there when I was lonely,

You where there when I was ill.


You were there each time I needed you.

You’re here for me still.


I think of you quite often now,

as I walk life’s pathways thru.


Each day there is a part of you

in everything I do.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin