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Stories In A Tree


Looking up, from under a tree,

there are many things I see.

I see a bird, has built a nest.

I see a moth, has stopped to rest.

I see the marks, of time, and age.

Each branch tells a story, like a book, upon

each page.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Nature's Workers In The Garden


Honey bees, and spiders, are upon my garden plants.

Tilling up the soil, beneath, are worms, and little ants.

Your helping, in the garden, thru-out the night and day.

Welcome, to my garden. I hope, that you will stay.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Seasonal Clouds


Clouds are sailing gracefully, across the summer sky.

They share with us their shade, and rain as they pass by.


Clouds are many colors, as they match the leaves of fall.

Today they may bring snow or rain, or leave nothing here at all.


It’s winter now, and clouds are often sailing very low.

Some days they arrive as fog, some days they bring snow.


Birds are singing cheerfully, as I watch the clouds today.

The clouds are bringing rain and hail, spring is on its way.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin




(Watching clouds thru the front room window as I recovered from surgery and wrote in my journal.)







Many birds arrive and sing,

as the Earth turns into spring.

Many flowers large and small

grow from seeds left in the fall.


Days are short and nights are long,

as the Earth begins its winter song.

Crystal shards of ice and snow,

protect all life that sleeps below.


As Earth tilts seasons into fall,

Birds migrate and sing a passing call.

Plants store life in little seeds,

Creatures store their food for winter needs.


Summer days are warm and long,

as Earth sings now its summer song.

As life continues day and nite,

all life thrives on long day light.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Earth’s Seasons, New Year


This little spinning sphere, rotates around a sun.


Long dark nights are passing, another year is done.


Tilting as we rotate, brings seasons to us here.


The shortest day of light is past, we start another year.


Earth is old, today the north end’s cold, for lately nights are long.


In earthen dens or fire lit homes, we sing our winter song.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin





(Written about a new solstice year which started ten days ago)




Earth’s Seasons, Spring Equinox


Day and night are equal now upon this spinning sphere.

I see that spring is here.


Bulging buds and leaves of green,

upon the plants are seen.


Seeds sprout, as warmth and light they’ve found.

Life stored in bulbs, is pushing thru the ground. 


Birds which wintered southward, are flying northward now.

They sing for mates, and build their nests on soil, branch or bow.


We plant the seeds we saved, from last years garden fare.

We’ll care for them, as food they’ll give, for us, and food to share.


Offspring of each creature, soon will join our Earthly throng.

In nests, dens and homes of wood we sing a springtime song.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin




(written on spring equinox)




A Place To Roam and Home


We’re walking here beneath these skies, with humming birds and butterflies.

We each need a place to roam,

and somewhere we can feel, is home.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






New Snow


New snow has fallen in the night,

covering yesterdays news.

Today I walk upon it,

with bent wood and twisted rawhide shoes.


I see where field mice scampered about,

looking for seeds of grass.

I see where birds have landed and flown,

as they this way did pass.


All seems quiet and still,

in this world of color covered now in white.

A chance for all to start out new,

with the passing of the night.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



(Written in my thots as I ventured outside in the night to see an overcast sky with cool mist falling to the Earth)





An Apple Tree


Picking apples from a tree, someone

planted, long ago.

Who else may come, they didn’t know.

They picked fruit, as did their family.

Now, this tree, bears fruit for me.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Autumn Leaves


Leaves in many colors you’re falling from the trees.

Carried forth upon each gentle breeze.

I watched as you began to grow last spring. Next to you I watched birds nest and sing.

Each day you gathered sunlight, shading all below.

The energy you made from light the tree then used to grow.

Your summer catching sunlight is now gone. Today in autumn winds you’re traveling on.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin



(Written as I watched leaves blowing from the poplar tree in front of the house.)





Because You Give, Others Too Can Give


Little bird, flying in the sky.

Flying onward, do you ponder as the day

goes by?

Do you think of all the places, where you’ve


Are there places, you hope to see, like you saw then?

I would too. May I fly with you?


Weathered tree, you have given me both

shade and air.

Just by being there, you’ve shown me how to


Ancient tree, standing on the hill.

Silently, you have seen so much, by standing still,

I have too. May I stand by you?


Precious flower, blooming in the spring.

Little petals, can bring hope to everything.

Each year returning, holding life within a


You feed me, and everyone who is in need.

Because you give, others too, can live.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin






Bird Song


You sing a song each morning, as you

welcome each new day.


Everything will be alright, is what you, seem

to say.


You sing from the roof tops,  you sing

from the trees.


Your song comes to greet us, carried on a

gentle breeze.



Laird Fetzer Hamblin






A Robin perched in an apricot tree.


A Robin perched in an apricot tree,


and sang a happy melody.


I felt as tho it sang to us,


that we’d forget the worldly fuss.


To stop and see each little flower.


To feel and hear a soft rain shower.


To see the sun begin each day.


And watch each eve as it goes away.

Laird Fetzer Hamblin