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Decoys in Life’s Estuaries


Driving west from the little farm where I was raised, there are a couple of beautiful estuaries along the road. I often stop to look at the many species of water fowl which stop there to feed, rest and sometimes nest. 


One day, after I had stopped there many times, I realized that a few of the ducks on the edge of one of the estuaries were actually clever decoys, carved and painted to resemble ducks safely residing in the welcoming water. I was embarrassed that I, an experienced observer of birds, had not noticed that some of the birds where decoys.


Decoys are used to lure unsuspecting birds into landing in water where hunters await, hidden in blinds or beneath camouflage. As the birds are landing, or flushed from where they thought they were safe, they are within range of the hunters deadly firearms.


In life there are many estuaries which provide safe shelter, rest from our necessary labors, nourishment and places to raise children. There are also estuaries which appear to be safe places to find shelter, rest, nourishment and raise our children. Awaiting near these estuaries are those who would harm us. Many people reside in these unsafe estuaries. They appear to be finding safe shelter, nourishment and rest, even raising children. In the estuary where I saw decoys, there were always many more water fowl than in the nearby estuary without decoys. The birds in the unsafe waters didn’t realize the impending danger. They arrived and went about their lives as though all was well.


The estuary without decoys was posted with signs limiting access to it. There where no hunters blinds there. Though it was possible for someone to break the rules and approach this estuary, it was usually a safe sanctuary, where birds could truly find safe shelter, nourishment, rest and raise young. Fewer water fowl landed therein as the lack of birds made it appear less desirable.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin








New Day Resolutions


This is a time when we are told we can start over for another year.


I prefer to start over daily or by the moment. God designed this beautiful Earth according to eternal laws.


The Earth has seasons so it can rest for a time and start again anew. As the Earth spins we have nights to rest our bodies and allow our spirits to dream, considering where we’ve been, considering where we may yet go.


We can consider at each moment in life which direction we are headed. Each moment is a time to recalibrate our values which determine our direction.


Life is about the journey. Though, we hope for grand eternal destinations, life is to be experienced and enjoyed each moment.


Some things in life are difficult. Illness, death of someone near us in this life, sadness, disappointment, these are also part of our journey. These experiences teach us to rely on God, as we consider our existence. These times we rely on our siblings here on Earth and those who assist us from beyond our mortal sight.


We are all siblings. God by eternal laws placed us here together to assist each other, to enjoy each others companionship in our simultaneous journeys.


All I experience in life prepares me to be an advocate for others experiencing similar difficulties, similar joys.


We were on this journey before our mortal existence, we will continue our journey when our brief travels here are done.


How long we live on Earth is insignificant. What matters is how we live, what we experience, how we interacted with others as we sojourn here.


Our existence is about love, life previously, here and hereafter, behaving kindly towards all, experiencing the kindness of our fellow travelers.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin








We Are Sailing Ships


It has been said: “We cannot change the wind, but we can adjust our sails.”


To expound on this farther I would say we, like sailing ships, require wind to move in the direction we need to go in. Without wind we merely drift with the tide beneath us. Eventually crashed upon the shoal around a desolate isle.


If we experience a moment of calm it is a time to check our bearings, clean our deck, mend our sails, and strengthen the hull and timbers of our mast.


How do we assess, clean, mend and strengthen? By prayer, pondering and study. What do we study? The eternal gospel as taught by Christ and all who follow Him. Also things good and virtuous which will guide us towards happiness.


At times we will experience storms so fierce that we must pull in our sails, hold tight to the ropes and timbers and pray for safety and deliverance.


The ropes and timbers we must hold to are the eternal gospel which Christ and his followers have taught.


The God we must pray to is our Eternal Father who by eternal laws directed the placement of the ocean of life upon which we currently reside.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin







Diamond Making on a Pathway of Life


Spiritual light can be reflected beautifully and brilliantly through each of us as if through a beautiful, flawed, spiritual diamond.

If I am willing to place myself on a pathway where spiritual diamonds are made, I will learn to reflect spiritual light.

Only God can align the necessary forces to reform a willing participant into a spiritual diamond. I cannot.

This is especially applicable in the choosing of a spouse. If I want a spouse who reflects spiritual light brilliantly and beautifully,I must ask God to help me find someone who has already been willing to be in that process of change.

Satan infuses each society with myths about someone who is spiritual and kind finding a person who is not being spiritual or kind. The myths always present a lie that the spirituality and kindness of a person will inspire change in their companion.

Even God, our Father, can only inspire spiritual change in a willing participant.

Consider Satan and the third of our siblings who follow him. They, so far, are unwilling to join in this life. Here they could continue becoming spiritual diamonds on paths where such diamonds are made.

If I want companions in spiritual transformation, I must find companions already on that path.

One of my companions will eventually become a partner in marriage.

A couple on different paths can never sufficiently bond. Each will sorrow in their lonely journey.

Life in all of eternity is about the journey.

I must be on that refining pathway myself to have happy companionship with others on the path.

Christ loved all. He was served by all. He served all. His close associates were carefully chosen as directed by the Spirit.

Some who’d been chosen to be His companions departed later from that path and ceased to be His companions.

So may it be with my companions or even my spouse.

Like Christ and Father, I will cry many tears for the loss of their companionship. Then I must move on, praying distantly for them.

Life is a journey, usually happy, always adventuresome, as the Spirit guides me to companions who strengthen me and whom I strengthen. Each on the path we chose.

The making of a spiritual diamond is never complete, thankfully so, for the process is sometimes joyful, sometimes difficult, always enriching.

What appear to me to be flaws are often the unique beauty and strengths which are my gifts to cherish and reflect from, on my spiritual, eternal journey.


Laird Fetzer Hamblin