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God’s Earth


When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, God did not tell them to take a daily multi vitamin pill, He didn’t say, “remember your essential oils“.


God created Earth with abundance in all we need to sustain our bodies. Earth is resilient. We have contaminated some places with chemicals hazardous to life. The original elements are still there, though. We can find a place to plant a garden and by the sweat of our brow, grow plants, which, by eternal design, have all nutrients necessary to sustain our bodies. By eternal design the plants and the fruit they produce are beautiful. The textures and tastes are delightful. With minimal preparation they provide nutrition and joy.


Satan didn’t stay in the Garden of Eden, enjoying the scenery. His sole intent is to deter or distract us from enjoying and learning while we sojourn here.

In the Garden Satan subtly persuaded Adam and Eve that all that God had provided for them was inadequate. He said “It is a beautiful garden you have here. Have you tried some of the fruit of that tree.”  He employs similar tactics towards each of us. He has many who assist him in the effort to thwart our happiness and learning.


We are told what God provided for us isn’t sufficient. We are told that what God provided has all been used or contaminated. We are told that it needs extra preparation and refinement. That it needs additional elements added. Not so!


As  with Adam and Eve , we are told we need some of “this”. And “this” always comes at a price. Always there is a financial cost, payment to those who prepared and provided “this”. As with Adam and Eve, there is always a physical cost as well. Our bodies are designed for the foods God provided, in the way he provided them.

Juice smashed from fruit is not what the eternal design of our bodies requires. Dust ground from grains is not the fruit of the vine which we require.


Our bodies are designed to absorb, from the entire fruit, the nutrients of life. Grains minimally prepared with some cooking provide, through absorption, all we need from them for sustenance. There is joy in planting, caring for, harvesting, preparing, and storing plants and fruits. There is joy in eating them.


A reason we came to Earth is to learn to care for our bodies. Providing nutrients for our bodies should be one primary use of our time here. Life has no beginning and no end. Our life here is to be enjoyed as we experience this brief, wonderful, moment in our journey through eternity.    


Laird Fetzer Hamblin